How many COVID-19 vaccines can Ontario administer per day? We did the math

Via CBC News here. My favourite pull quote – “Bogoch (Dr Issac Bogoch – member of the Ontario vaccine distribution task force) said he finds it difficult to comment on the 500,000 figure mentioned by Williams (Dr David Williams – Chief Medical Officer for the province of Ontario) because he isn’t sure where that number came from.” This is just one of the multitude of issues that are contributing to the explosion of COVID cases in Ontario – the right hand has literally no idea what the left hand is doing, nor any idea why. This failure to communicate effectively between branches of government, and the unwillingness of our current tranche of absolute buffoons in power to do literally any one thing that would possibly piss off their corporate donors, is killing people every day.

US backs waiver on COVID vaccine patents to boost supply

Article via BBC News here. The fact that this is even up for discussion, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic that is literally killing millions and overloading the medical support systems of more countries everyday, is utterly appalling. Even more so is that the investment funds that hold shares in Moderna, Pfizer, etc would see this as, first and foremost, a danger to their bottom line, as opposed to a chance to actually do their civic duty. Capitalism is completely fucked, and is now straining under the weight of the societal problems it has caused.